Born in Madrid in 1980, it wasn't until 30 years later that I started drawing and on a short time it took up most of my energy, perhaps that feeling of making up for lost time has pushed my determination in that first decade.
Without taking official studies in Fine Arts, I learned to draw by doing some illustration and comic courses at the Higher School of Professional Drawing in Madrid (ESDIP) and especially in a self-taught way, investing many hours.
Specialized in pencil drawing, my art tries to describe mysterious  atmospheres through delicate blurred, with a surreal  thematic through which I want to represent dreams and feelings.  I am interested in the loneliness of the misunderstood, I love nature, animals and outer space.
Always try to tell a small story with an open end to different interpretations to involve the viewer.
Obtained some visibility and helped by social networks I have participated in different group shows culminating  with my first solo exhibition at Haven Gallery in New York.

2024 ´New Works´ Haven Galery NY USA
2023 Antler gallery PDX USA
2022 Suspense - Haven Gallery NY USA
2020 The lines of Chaos  - Haven Gallery NY USA

2024 KNOTENPUNKT- Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg Germany
2024 Surreal - Vertical Gallery Chicago USA
2024 Playful - Mad Kat Gallery RM California
2023 Beyond Hashtag - 3punts Galería Barcelona Spain
2023 La parada de los Monstruos - EstArt Espace Madrid Spain
2023 Lucha de Gigantes - Homenaje a la Pantera Rosa Madrid Spain

2023 Remnants - My art is Real On line show
2022 International Drawing - 3punts Galería Barcelona Spain
2022 Lucha de Gigantes - Poptraits Madrid Spain
2022 Lucha de Gigantes - Frida Madrid Spain
2022 Wilderness III - Antler Gallery Portland USA
2022  Tinny Terrors  - Dark Art Emporium CA USA
2022 Small Works 22  -Beinart Gallery
2021 Lucha de Gigantes Goya Madrid Spain
2021  Don't wake daddy XVI - Feinkunst Krüger - Alemania
2021  Tinny Terrors  - Dark Art Emporium CA USA
2021 May - Aesop´s Flabes - Brassworks Gallery Portland USA
2020 November  - Neoclassicism - Haven Gallery NY USA
2020  BLAB SHOW - CoproGallery  CA USA
2020 Wowxwow Gallery - Ride the Sunrise - On line show
2020 Small Works - Beinart Gallery - Australia
2020 Communion - Dark Art Emporium CA USA
2020 Tinny Terrors  - Dark Art Emporium CA USA
2019  Shakespearean - Haven Gallery NY USA
2019  Dimm lonen - Noruega
2019 Wowxwow Gallery - MicroVisions 2 - On line show
2019 Wowxwow Gallery - Monochromagic 2 - On line show
2019 Wowxwow Gallery - Eternity´s Engine - On line show
2019 Wowxwow Gallery - Monuments of the Psyche - On line show
2019 Wowxwow Gallery - Channeling the unseen - On line show
2019 Wowxwow Gallery - Ecstatic Flux - On line show
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